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15 Interesting Facts About Armoured Vehicles and Why Individuals Need Protection Around the World

April 30, 2015 2 Min read

For the last 80 plus years the car industry has changed the way we maneuver around the world. From the first sets of horseless carriages to cars that can reach top speeds that were previously never thought possible, automobiles have come a long way from when they were first introduced and mass-produced. Automobiles come in all shapes and sizes, personalized to fit every need of the driver now. The invention of the first automobile opened up a whole new way of living for so many people, making things more convenient and places easily accessible that would have taken a lot longer to get to in a carriage or on foot.

In addition the armored car industry has changed a lot of the last 20 years and this industry has saved hundreds of lives for people receiving protection that might not otherwise have had while traveling in their vehicles. From the original tanks and history of the armored car to the design of the rebates edge and lightweight armoring solution armored cars are becoming more and more common worldwide.

With the latest armoring solutions that International Armoring Corporation offers it has opened up a whole new level of protection and allowed more and more people to feel the peace of mind that driving that riding in armored vehicle provides. Since 1993 the company has gone on to save over 300 hundred lives around the world. Our clients include generally individuals that enjoy driving expensive luxury cars that have a threat or want to protect themselves and their families.

The following are 15 interesting facts about armoured vehicles that most people might not know:

  1. There are over 100,000 armoured vehicles currently in use worldwide
  2. The average armoured vehicle costs around $120,000 (vehicle and car) with some armoured vehicles costing over $3 million (Bugatti)
  3. It would take less than 6 months to get to the Moon by an armoured car at 60mph (95km/h)
  4. Over 85% of cars that International Armoring has produced are still on the road today
  5. The odds of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5,000. The odds of dying in an armored car by accident are around 1 in 30,000 (6 x less likely)
  6. A majority of the attacks on armored vehicles are on the glass (what attackers can see)
  7. The most popular armoured vehicle in the world is the Toyota Landcruiser
  8. International Armoring Corporation works with over 300 vendors to produce their armored vehicles from the upgraded suspension parts to the tapes to the wiring that improves the electronic speaker systems
  9. The largest group to buy armoured vehicles would be wealthy business owners and governments (though lawyers are now buying more armoring options)
  10. It takes attackers on average 6 seconds to do a job. Armored vehicles give clients additional time to realize they are under attack and get out of the situation
  11. A majority of people worldwide have never driven an armoured vehicle
  12. Over 200 lives were saved in Kuwait during the Iraq war
  13. International Armoring armors all types of vehicles from the Volkswagon Bug to Chevy Tahoe’s to a Maybach S62
  14. Only two known electric vehicles have been armored (Chevy Volt and the Tesla Model S)
  15. Terrorist and kidnapping attacks are the biggest reason for increased sales for armored vehicles worldwide

Bonus: The oddest request ever received at International Armoring was to armor a taxi cab with a toilet seat in the back.

See photos of armoured vehicles here:

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