March 25, 2020

Shopping For Civilian Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles are not only for the police, government or affluent individuals. Any one of us can attain the level of protection they need in the form of a custom armored vehicle (we offer financing).

Armored vehicles are becoming a vital means of staying secure while traveling on unsafe roads and reaching your destination safely. However, the general public harbors a lot of misconceptions when it comes to cars armored.

The overriding belief in the populace is that only military and police personnel or top-ranking government officials are allowed to use armored vehicles (or tanks) and some even think that it’s illegal to own an armored car! Even those who are aware of civilian armored vehicles often presume that they are too expensive and only the exceedingly wealthy can afford them.

Well, time for a fact check here and learning about what an armored vehicle is and is not. It is true that armored vehicles are essential for police and military. Heads of state and other top politicians also rely on their armored cars to ensure safety and security. It is not true that all armored vehicles have turrets and machine guns coming out or are vehicles of mass destruction. The vehicles built by Armormax are used as defensive vehicles designed to protect our clients from random acts of violence, carjackings, and a safe place that families trust to travel from A to B. Over last few decades we have seen the emergence of regular armored vehicles that can be legally owned by the civilian public at large all over the world.

Since 1993, at Armormax we have been providing armoring solutions for private clients, business owners, doctors, families, celebrities, athletes, and other individuals who have a perceived risk. Armormax can armor all makes and models of cars and trucks to match different ballistic levels. Along with regular bulletproof protection for the body and windows of the vehicle, they also offer a slew of hi-tech add-on options like bomb blankets, run-flat tires, electric door handles, smoke screen systems and more (see our videos here).

Moreover, Armormax also provides custom armoring solutions wherein the armoring can be tailored to suit the specific needs and preferences of the client.

And acquiring cars armored doesn’t cost an arm and leg either. Regular people who want to purchase a vehicle can consider getting it armored, will work out a suitable package that can best match both the budget and requirements.

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