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Since 1993 we have manufactured over 8,000 vehicles from 130 different models and delivered them to over 50 different countries. Included in that list are 42 different Heads of State, the U.S. Government, the Pope, many of the fortune 500 companies as well as numerous other prominent world figures. Our Utah location is the headquarters for Armormax.

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Bay 5, 1331, 181 S 600 W building 3a, Ogden, UT 84404

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+1 (801) 393-1075

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Armoring Solutions from our Utah Headquarters

Comprehensive Vehicle Armoring

Armormax protects your SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles with comprehensive bulletproofing. Remain safe with the best in the business.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Armormax leads with quality. Each project is approached with expert craftsmanship to ensure you get the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

Quick Turnaround Times

Whether you’re getting the entire vehicle armored or simply adding a few customizations, Armormax will make sure you get your vehicle back in short order. Talk to our Utah-based team to learn what kind of timeline you can expect.

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Armormax® Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of both light armored and fully armored vehicles.

Bulletproof 2015 Escalade For Sale Complete

Inventory of Immediately Available Bulletproof Cars

See what is in stock and immediately available with Armormax. If you have any specific requests we have over 200+ vehicles in production and reserved around the world. Immediately Available 2015 Escalade - $145k: www.armormax.com/armored-cars/bulletproof-cadillac-escalade-for-sale/ 2008 Hummer - $190k: www.armormax.com/armored-cars/bulletproof-military-humvee/…

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Bulletproof Mercedes Benz GLC 43 Armormax Sedan Outside

Bulletproof Mercedes Benz GLC 43 Sedan

The bulletproof Mercedes Benz GLC 43 and other Mercedes sedans are perfect high-performance vehicles for driving in an armored car. With the luxury, you expect along with the technology you need in protection from Armormax® you can come away impressed…

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Armoured Jeep SRT TrailHawk with Armormax Photo Gallery

Bulletproof Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk

Some may have a hard time deciding between the Grand Cherokee and the latest SRT Trackhawk Jeep (detailed comparison here). If you are a lover of speed, power, and performance plus have the budget we highly recommend the carbon fiber…

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Armored Tesla Model 3 Armormax

Bulletproof Tesla Model 3

With the release of Tesla’s second quarter 2019 results, the automaker claimed that Model 3 is not only still the best-selling car in its segment but also “outselling all of its gas-powered equivalents combined.” [Source Eleckrek] Armormax is the first company…

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side view of bulletproof Chevy Tahoe

Bulletproof Chevy Tahoe

The armored Chevy Tahoe with Armormax® is a full-size SUV that can be armored for any year. Boasting a high safety rating and excellent fuel economy, it makes a perfect candidate for Armormax® armoring technology. Armormax® glass and armament paneling…

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Bulletproof Toyota Camry front

Bulletproof Toyota Camry

The bulletproof Toyota Camry is a wise combination of the highest quality of armor placed in the best selling car in America. The Camry has a legacy of quality, performance, and durability. The quality of the cars makes it a…

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front view of a Bulletproof Audi S4

Bulletproof Audi S4

The armored Audi S4 is a luxury sedan with all the right features for all your lightweight armoring needs. With a sleek exterior and powerful performance, the Audi S4 is an excellent choice for the presidential package and enough peace…

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