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See our bulletproof Mercedes Benz section. Learn more about how we can armor your Mercedes Benz and other vehicles with our advanced technology that saves lives. Get updates on specific Mercedes Benz makes and models that you can have armored.

Armored Vehicles

The armored Mercedes AMG G55 model is one of the most popular vehicle choices in places like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East The armored AMG G55 has the driving performance of a luxury sedan and can offer the superior...

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It's the little things that make top-tier luxury vehicles special - especially in armoring and security It's the solid click as the door closes, or the subtle heft to a button or a knob, that lets you know corners weren't cut...

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This fabulous armored 2016 Mercedes GLE 63s SUV is another armored beast from the production facility at International Armoring Corporation With custom Armormax armoring technology, this vehicle becomes a safe-house on wheels The...

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The new armored Maybach 62 -- simply the finest, most spectacular, most technologically advanced, best-performing four-door passenger vehicle Fortunately, those looking for luxury and protection, the Maybach 62 makes for an...

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Much as AMG is the performance label of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach is now positioned as the ultra-luxury sub-brand Considering how regular Mercedes-Benz vehicles are already well known for their elegance and performance, the...

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12 Jun '20

Best Tires To Pair With Your Armored Vehicle

There are all sorts of reasons why a civilian vehicle might be armored (see gallery). VIP transport, random acts of violence, transport for valuables, and high-security vehicles might all need armor with custom features that might include: ● Ballistic glass…

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Car Spotlight: Armored Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Our team prides itself on stepping up to the various challenges that our customers face and offering the best bullet proof protection available all around the world. The latest armored Mercedes Benz G63 AMG model is no exception. Maybe it's the appeal…

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The Popemobile and Protecting the Pope and Other Popular Figures

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