Servicing and Maintaining Your Armored Car

June 28, 2016 2 Min read
Bulletproof Cadillac Escalade

Have you purchased an armored vehicle? Most people don’t drive armored cars and trucks, but if you do you are bound to need servicing and maintenance on your armored vehicle from time to time. When you are maintaining your armored car, you cannot simply stroll into your neighborhood automotive parts store and grab bulletproof windows and armored glass off the shelf. International Armoring Corporation (IAC) not only specializes in building bulletproof cars, but also maintaining them as well.

Armored vehicles are often used by government officials, celebrities, and the wealthy. However, more and more people are starting to purchase armored vehicles to ensure safety. IAC is committed to repairing armored vehicles, as they have access to many armoring materials required for repair. In addition, the engine goes of an armored vehicle is going to require more maintenance due to the increased weight of the vehicle. Batteries die, fuel pumps go bad, and starters need to be replaced.

Spare parts will need to be replaced on your armored vehicle at one time or another. The ballistic glass is bulletproof, but time still wears down on it and it occasionally needs to be replaced. Some of the other parts you might need are heavy duty suspension systems, wheels, tires, and run-flats. Always pay close attention to your vehicle’s needs and pay close attention to user manuals for both armored materials and vehicle conditions.

Whether you drive an armored sedan, SUV, or special purpose vehicle, you need a company experienced in maintaining and repairing bulletproof cars and other such automobiles. Armored vehicles are manufactured differently than traditional types. They are heavier and need to be serviced more often. These vehicles require special heavy duty shocks, coil springs, and brakes. You may also require special electronics and security features in your vehicle that must be serviced from time to time. Servicing armored cars takes skill and specific training. Repairing armored vehicles is best left up to an experienced professional with plenty of on the job experience.

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