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Do I provide the car or can you source it?

Both. We have clients bring us vehicles all the time and we also help them source-specific vehicles. Generally, we can save our clients money through the car networks we have but have no problem receiving a vehicle that was already purchased. Armormax is a custom armoring company that prides itself on coming up with solutions for various needs. If you have a need and want protection we have a solution for you due to our worldwide network.

What pricing can you get on a 2020 Landcruiser VX? ┬áDo those hold up well to the armoing? Do they need brake/suspension or other adjustments? We can assist with this but we aren’t a car dealership. We can help to find you the vehicle you want to armor and can buy it for you or you can buy it we just provide the armoring service.


Bulletproof Hummer by Armormax



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