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Getting Started (15 articles)

How do I get my car to an Amormax facility to have it armored?

Not a big fan of  long road trips? No problem. Armormax® has access to a vehicle transporting network that spans the United States. This means .....

Aug 18 1 Min read

Who is driving armored vehicles?

Anyone can drive an armored vehicle. It is a common misconception that only famous people drive armored cars. Although many celebrities, politicians, sports stars and .....

Jun 25 1 Min read

Are armored vehicles in-stock or built to order?

Armored vehicles are mainly built to order, but occasionally Armormax has armored pre-owned armored vehicles for sale. To inquire about the current selection of pre-owned .....

Jun 22 1 Min read

How long does it take for a vehicle to be armored?

Due to the customization of Armormax armored vehicles, that answer depends on a lot of variables. For one, the level of ballistic protection inserted into .....

Jun 18 1 Min read

Is armoring a car customizable?

Yes, here at Armormax, the entire armoring process is customizable. From the beginning, the Armormax team of experts will help you find the best fit .....

Jun 18 1 Min read

Why should I get an armored car?

In the current global climate, danger is at an all time high. Attacks that once seemed rare have now become commonplace. Many of these attacks .....

Jun 18 1 Min read

Is Armormax available for my vehicle?

Yes, Armormax® is available for your vehicle. Armormax® is the armoring authority that offers high-end, quality bulletproof protection for all types of cars. Armormax® is .....

Jun 17 1 Min read

What kind of armored vehicles do you offer?

We provide armoring solutions for all makes and models of cars and trucks. Our armored vehicles are best suited for both civilian and military use. .....

Jun 01 1 Min read

Is it possible to visit one of our armoring locations or facilities?

Absolutely yes, Come visit one of our locations! We will be happy to arrange a tour of our facility and showcase our production process. If .....

Jun 01 1 Min read

Where can I get a low-profile armored vehicle?

Armormax® can provide low-profile armored vehicles for government and residential clients around the World. Low-profile armored vehicles are mainly designed to use for VIP/personal transportation .....

Jun 01 1 Min read

Do you offer financing at Armormax®?

Yes, for those who wish to have their own armored vehicle, Amormax® can arrange a financing facility for them to buy and insure the armored .....

Mar 16 1 Min read

How can I get news about Armormax®?

As the leading experts in the armoring and bulletproof security industry, we provide you with the most up-to-date and appropriate information to keep you safe .....

Mar 16 1 Min read

Are there immediately available armored cars?

Yes, if you are someone who has a perceived risk or just wants something safe to protect yourself and your family, you can check our .....

Mar 16 1 Min read

Where can I find armored trucks?

ARMORMAX® is one of the pioneers in the field of armored truck manufacturers. The truck from Ford F150 and Dodge Ram are upgraded as per .....

Mar 16 1 Min read

How much does Armormax cost?

Armormax has broken down the numerous US and European standards for ballistic levels and settled on Level B4 (protection against high powered handgun rounds) and .....

Apr 09 1 Min read

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