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How long does it take for a vehicle to be armored?

Armormax Armored Bulletproof Range Rover Utah

Due to the customization of Armormax armored vehicles, that answer depends on a lot of variables. For one, the level of ballistic protection inserted into the car plays a big role. Cars being armored to higher levels take longer due to the amount of materials going into the car. Another factor is receiving materials, many materials are custom fitted to an individual car make and model, so getting these parts in can take around two months. During the initial two months the car isn’t needed at the facility. Once the car is received, the armoring process begins. It is a time consuming process requiring upwards of 1000 man hours of work per car. This can take anywhere from two to four months additional to the ordering time.

If you have questions on the specific time frame for a vehicle, reach out to our team.


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