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Is the G Wagon bulletproof?

End Product Bulletproof White Mercedes G Wagon Vehicle Armoring Kits

No, the Mercedes G-Wagon does not come standard with bulletproof protection, but vehicle armor can be added. Even after adding protection to the G-Wagon, it maintains the unmistakably ageless design of the G-Class vehicle. The flat glass windows were designed to make replacement easy in remote areas; an ideal feature when replaced with bulletproof glass. The G-Wagon provides an exquisite look as well as elite off road capabilities. The off road capabilities make the G-Wagon a safe bet to escape dangerous situations. To learn more about these capabilities click here.

Armormax® specializes in manufacturing  bulletproof Mercedes G-Wagons. Armormax® has armor packages ranging from the B4 level, which protects against hand gun rounds all the way up to level B7 or armor piercing round protection. To see more pictures of an armored G-Wagon click here. If you have a G-Wagon that you would like us to armor, contact us to get started today.



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