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What makes the Toyota Land Cruiser a popular armored vehicle?

Bulletproof Toyota Landcruiser Armormax

The Toyota Land Cruiser has a 60 year history for being one of the best SUV’s on the market. Due to its impressive off road capabilities, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a popular armored vehicle. For anyone looking to traverse dangerous dirt roads or rough terrain, the Armormax® armored Land Cruiser is a great option. The Land Cruiser also has great luxury features, making it a very comfortable and stylish ride. The Land Cruiser’s features make it a popular armored vehicle for both government officials and VIP’s. Adding an Armormax® armor package to a Land Cruiser will help you escape dangerous situations regardless of the surrounding landscape. Don’t leave your safety to chance, protect yourself with Armormax®. To check out some more Armored Land Cruisers, click here.


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