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Where can I get a smokescreen for my car?

ARMORMAX provides this exclusive protection option for your vehicle to remove the
immediate sense of sight to defend you and defeat your enemy. It completely obscures the premises for effective loss prevention.

Armormax Smoke Screen Rezvani Tank

Through a smoke generator, fog or smoke screen can be created to evaporate a heated volatile material.

These vapors mix with the cool eternal air and condense to a mist with controlled droplet size. This
liquid is typically oil or an oil-based mixture. This smoke generator is installed on your car and can be
easily refilled with this security fog after discharge. Armored vehicles can create this smoke screen by
injecting diesel fuel into the fuel exhaust.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Security fog is a thermally generated fog that inhibits the actions of intruders. Smokescreens are used to hide from and stay defended against enemies.

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